Sep 152010

Satyamawa Jayate Films presents Kumar’s
Nepali Movie – Pauju
Casting – Birendra Singh, Priya Rijal, Biraj Bhatt, Suman Poudel, Ganesh Munal etc.
Nepali Translation – Dinesh Poudel
Director- S. Kumar

WARNING – Incomplete film
The movie was removed by the uploader. Only 3 parts added below:
Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

  6 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Pauju”

  1. very nice movi.plies submit part 4and 5

  2. the good,betar,best movi in nepal.
    i like thies’
    a veary good acting,veary good direction,veary good songand veary good cinematografe,all side in good,and fist tim in nepal…..thanks’ to director s.kumar

  3. good movi….

  4. chew na tuppa ko yo pauju movie.

  5. niw movies email pij

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