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13 Responses to Nepali Movie – Sahara (2011)

  1. I need to download nepali films from this wbsite

  2. deep limbu says:

    so weet nice

  3. Ram Krishna Maharjan says:

    Good movie! I like it.SUBHAKAMANA.

  4. parbatigautam says:

    i love nepali movie….

  5. nereah says:

    hey man uplode in youtube yar… movies but we have to wait 1 house damn!!!

  6. sange lama says:

    nepali movie sahara

  7. Tularam says:

    Ok good

  8. sanjana says:

    wowow!!!!its really cool and nice movie and Rekha and Biraj is my best actor i like her or him action and i love this movie cool and nice!!!!!!!!

  9. Tek katuwal says:

    We are see nepali new movie chattyang chodi gaye pap lagla. i like movie fim never time ant way

  10. GFGDHD says:

    Nepali movie sucks. I don’t like it

  11. me says:

    i hate it

  12. januka says:

    so nice movie i like it

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