Jun 112010

Nepali Film – Salam Chha Maya Lai
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Garima Pant, Binod Manandhar, Ranjana Sharma, Josna Bhatta


Story – Suraj Pradhan
Director – Deepak Khand

You missed the movie. Enjoy trailer

‘Salam Chha Mayalai’ Poster

salam chha mayalai  nepali movie poster

  12 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Salam Chha Maya Lai”

  1. can you send this movie plzzz.

  2. can you send this movie plzzz.

  3. I like this movie all about love story

  4. move is ok but to much error

  5. thank u bro

  6. yo film copy of a movie raja hundustahanii and some others including some modification in the story

  7. thxz 4 uploading this movie hehe..i am fan of nepali movies n nepali movies r my favourite!! i want to say thxz to u for uploading this movie hehe bec i cuold c biraj bhatta’s real brother in this movie so thank u!!

  8. jhoor acting..movie chai mann ko copy garna khojeko raichha…….

  9. The film is really good.thanks mr. Bhim ji. i expect the same type of movie from you please go ahead and once again i thank you a lot.

  10. i didnot find this video in correct order.can u help me for this.

  11. uploaderji upload ta kata kata dobryeko sukul jasto po dekhin6 ta,j hos tapaile garda aaj yo film online bata herne mauka paye dhanyabad.

  12. thanks a lot bhim bro for uploading this film , it’s good film yar if it possible then upload other also as like this film ……………………………………………

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