Oct 222014

samjhirakha haiNepali Movie – Samjhi Rakha Hai
StarringSuman Singh, Ashmita Kandel, GK Sharma, Ganesh Giri, Rabindra Khadka, Sushil Pokharel etc.
Director – Rim Bishowkarma


A presentation of Redline Films ‘Samjhi Rakha Hai’, produced by Kabita Khakurel, was released in 2068BS. The director Rim Bishowkarma has also written the movie and lyrics. The music is composed by Deepak Sharma, editing by Tara Thapa (Kimbhe), and cinematography by Yam Ale.

Full movie in single part:

Credit – Budha Subba Music


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  2. Nice movie

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