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  • Barmala

    Halesi Mahadev Films’ presents

    Nepali film – Barmala

    Cast: Nikhil Uprety, Bipana Thapa, Rekha Thapa, Ramit Dhungana, Mithila Sharma, Kiran K.C.

    The movie is not available. Music video.
    मुग्लिङ पारि तरेर गण्डकी


    7 Responses to Barmala

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    2. sangita neunzig says:

      hi nikhil tapaiko film sabai ek dam ramro laghe nepalma tapai jasto action kalakarko khacho chha tapai jatiko ahile sama nepali move ma janmeko chhaina ajai pragati garnu hola

    3. sangita neunzig says:

      hi nikhil my name is sangita. your film is very beautiful. so much love from sangita thank you

    4. silvia says:


      Perticularly in this movie ( Barmala )I liked the characters of Nikhil and the actress ( ? ). I don’t know the of ” Hironi “.

    5. hi how are brotherilike your movie

    6. amal sinchuri says:

      thank you very much now send m timi bina marihalchu

    7. kalpana sanjel says:

      hi dai i really like to see nepali movie himmat 2 can u send me plz

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