Nepali Movie – Maidan


maidanAbhi Films presents Dil Kumar Pyasi’s
Nepali Movie – Maidan
Starring, Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Mukunda Thapa, Rajesh Dhungana, Jenny Kunwar, Umesh Khadka etc
Script/Dialogue – Maunata Shreshta
Director – Mahendra Budhathoki


Part 1

Part 2

Movie songs
Yesto Bhul Nagarne

Nisthuri Daiba Kina Khosis Hamro Sahara


  11 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Maidan”

  1. i like this movie nd thanx for put this movie :)

  2. I like this flim very much…..i love u rekha didi….so much i never miss ur flim ………….

  3. hi why this movie not come plz try to put this movie agin ok thanx a lot

  4. nice movie but its really sad
    this movie made me cry

  5. Hello this Bikash Acharya from Australia tasmania.I wanna nepali movie silsila can u upload this movie.Thanks for other uploaded movies.

    • Who cares where r u from!!!!!!!!!!!!U think u r cool because u live in Australia?????????I am sure u were not born in Australia……….I am sure u were born nepal then u moved to Australia ._. U should have say could pleas upload a movie silsila instead of saying hi am………i am from Australia!!!! U Nepali r such show off if u go different country from nepal for ex: America, Australia they all forget about were they come from … (remaining part edited…)

  6. I like this movie thanks for send this movie sent good movie like this byeeeeeeee.

  7. Thank you.very nice.Keep it up to post like this interesting movies.

  8. script is same we have a seen this kind of script in lot of movie..!! nothing change and biraj bhatta action is great i like it. um..rajesh hamal acting is not bad but action is way worse then biraj bhatta !! its same shit last 20 year..action director could you change and make batter action secne for rajesh hamal..why diffrent then biraj bhatta its not fare….

  9. thank fof nepali movie maidan

  10. thank you

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