Nepali Babu


Bhuwan KC Presents
Nepali film – Nepali Babu
Cast Bhuwan KC, Sushmita KC, Jal Shah, Dinesh Sharma, Sunil Thapa etc.
Story – Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC
Direction – Ugen Chopel


The movie is not available any more.
Enjoy music videos from the movie

nepali Babu

Trishuli bagera

Kaso Kaso aankha

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  1. […] new movies so he plunged into film production. He has produced some successful Nepali films like Karodpati, Nepali Babu, Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu etc. His latest movie, Kusume Rumal 2, is currently in […]

  2. best of the luck for your upcomming new life i wise

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