Nepali Movie – Pachuto (introduction)


This is an introduction of Nepali movie ‘Pachuto’. The movie was initially posted here on September 7, 2009. As this post is too old to be updated, the full movie is posted in a new page and this page is kept an introduction of the movie. Click here to watch ‘Pachuto’.


Nepali film – Pachuto
Cast – Ram Gautam, Reshma Timilsina, Urisha Bhattarai, Surbir Pandit, Bidhya Karki, Bhairam Shrestha etc.
Direction – Bhairam Shrestha

The movie is available in a separate page.

Here is the detail of the movie:

A presentation of Ram Gautam, the movie ‘Pachuto’ is made under the banner MVP. The lead actor Ram Gautam is a new face in the movie. The movie is about the caste system in Nepali society.

The songs in the movie are sung by singers Raju Pariyar, Uday Sotang, Manila Sotang, Bima Kumari Dura, and Narayan Shree. The lyrics of the songs are written by lyricists Hari Bhakta Budhathoki, Janak Pandey and R.B.P. The music is composed jointly by Shakti Ballav and Saugat Lama. Sound engineer of the movie is Kumar Thapa

The movie features the makeup of Suman Shankar and action of Binod Khadgi, cinematography by Deepak Joshi, editing by Ram Prasad Kandel, story by Deepak Joshi


In addition to acting, direction, Bhairam Shrestha is also the choreographer of the movie. Bhairam Shrestha has also written the script and dialogue in association with Janak Pandey.

The movie is produced by Manju Gautam and Bijay Harmel.

watch pachuto here

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