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Rekha wants to be on the top of the news when her movie is in theaters. You can consider this as another ‘stunt’ of Rekha to promote the movie ‘Hifajat’. What would be more sexier way to promote a movie than talk about skirt … some sexy mini-skirts?

Rekha told that she loves Summer only due to the fact that skirts can only be worn in the season. Rekha also told that she uses her huge collection of skirts in her movies… like Hifajat.

According to Rajdhani Daily, “In Hifajat, Rekha wears nothing but skirts till the interval (half-way) of the movie,” Rajdhani adds, “Rekha had prepared 30 mini-skirts for the movie”. In addition to that Rekha wore 10 mini-skirts she brought from Japan recently. Rekha adds,  “I have worn 22 skirts in the movie”.  [I am not that good in maths, you have to figure-out how many she wore in the movie. Or, you can go to the theater to find out – that is what Rekha wants.]

Rekha told, she had more than 200 skirts before she started Hifajat. This year she bought 60 skirts. Now, she has 220 skirts (not again, I am really bad in addition, sorry). She told she has ‘2 closets and 5 suitcases of skirts.’ She hasn’t worn many of the skirts she brought from foreign countries. In ‘Hifajat’, not only herself, supporting dancers (30 in number) also wore her skirts.

What a generous actress. I hope she doesn’t share a bit more intimate dresses like that.

In skirts, Rekha like the mini-skirts more. She has skirts for both summer and winter. In winter, she wears woolen skirts and in summer she prefers cotton mini-skirts.


She told that in school, she used to dance in short skirts. She hasn’t thrown away the skirts she wore when she was in grade 5. Don’t be surprised if she wears it in a movie and promote it by saying so.

Talking about films, Rekha told that she was very happy when she got chance to wear skirt in  her first movie ‘Hero’. If anybody of you are planning to present something to Rekha, consider buying a skirt for her. She thinks mini-skirt is the best present she wants from anybody.

That is the story of skirts, or rather ‘Hifajat’. I won’t be surprised if she talks about her T-shirts, or even bras, or panties during the screening of her upcoming movies. She knows what sells in the market!

Good job Rekha. Keep going.

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  1. hi rekha je,im jealous to see you,and thats why become you

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  4. ramro acting garne try garnus film line ma body dekhayer hoin kin vane hami haru tapaiko body hern lai halma jane hoin film herne jane ho tapaiko jasto body sabaiko cha

  5. who the f*ck need talent in nepali movie industry! hottie pie rekha – show more!! \m/

    i like the above saying very much

    khola khola aaru khola ani balla biye hola ni ta lastama

  6. who the f*ck need talent in nepali movie industry! hottie pie rekha – show more!! \m/

  7. Jun pani film maa eutai acting huncha……rekha ko…..try to do extra thing. thigh,panty dekhayera kiss khayera matra film ramro hudaina…real dina khose ramro huntho..

  8. hi rekha i like your sexy photo send me new photo

  9. Rakha thapa is so sxye but i liek ur movie how are you rakha didi i love ur so much

  10. […] when her movie is on theaters. She said that she is unmarried, and told stories about her 220 mini-skirts, and a copy-cat poster all targeted to promote her latest release Hifajat. The Hindu organization […]

  11. Wow! put your movie in internate but it have to be new movie and more sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ohhhh yeah its hot scene, but its normal for new generation, we can see more short skirts wearing at open public area not in films

  13. […] her controversial sayings about her marriage and her movie promotional stunts like talking about mini-skirts and controversial yellow dress in her latest movie Hifajat. Artists, celeb Rekha […]

  14. First of all work out and maintin ur body instead of showing ur fat and ugly body.

  15. I extremly agree with Sanjay!!!its does not work by showing skin!! it up to ur act and talen!!!! And i just Hate your acting???????????????? ure the most stupid actress in flim industry!!!!!!……………………….i gonna come nepal one day!! so,,,, i will teach u what is acting??????????????? okay and i will throw out frm flim industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. wow, rekha u is so beauty i really like ur picture please send ur new moive in american hai

  17. .. when our actors understand film does not work by showing skins & undergarments. Try to make realistic movies. Target young generations who are spening huge money on hindi cimemas.. Market or budget does not matter. If there is quality movie, Most of the nepali will go to cinema. But what we found in todays our cinema is .. Only overprojected fights, skin show, Even a police officer with long hair as if its compulsory. It tastes something like curry without salt.. Please try to make movies for middle working class as well..so, we can feel proud of our film industry.
    # sorry if i my thinking is wrong.

  18. Rekha Jee
    Keep it up. Expose your different parts of your beautiful body and arts as much as you can. Don’t waste time to listen to classical comments of those who are fun of hindi and english movies that expose more than you do.

  19. Wow ! I’m exited to watch recent Rekha’s skirts story and Hifajat Movie on online as soon as its uploads in you tube, bcz I’m unable to watch the movie in theaters as I am living abroad.

  20. u r so sexy

  21. that is cool can you send without clothes piz sexy

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