Jun 072007

ancient mujra danceWhen the Mughals took control of India, they brought the original Hindu storytellers of many parts of India, into the courts as entertainers. But as the stories from Hindu mythology were of no interest to the Mughal rulers, what was once the dance Kathak became infused with fast spinnings, swift movements, and graceful hand gestures of Persian influence – the birth of mujra.


After the mainstay of Mughal emporers died away, the mujra dance was performed in separate kothas (buildings) by dancers called tawaifs for audiences made up of mostly upper class young men. The ancient art of mujra dance has sensuality added to the classical Kathak dance to make it more appealing.

More such dances can be found in this mujra blog.

Update: Posted below are some samples of such dances.

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  1. म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु। ok P2

  2. i want watch hot sizzling nepali songs vids

  3. hot song

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  5. Bad, bad, girl! Love the dance & music. Judging by her turns & spins, she can’t be too drunk. Nice video. Great job!!!!!

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