Mar 182012

Nepali Short Movie – Mars and Venus


Direction, and editing – Aashiq Regmi
Production design, screenplay and writer – Amit Aryal
Starring – Rajani Aryal, Amit Aryal
Music – Arun Gupta, Gurpreet sharma
Graphics Design – Amit Baral
Production assistant & special appearance – Deepa Ghimire

  3 Responses to “Short movie – Mars and Venus”

  1. […] produced in the past. Its first short film ‘Code Changa‘ and another short movie ‘Mars and Venus‘ were also featured in […]

  2. it was nice vedio but it only like 10

  3. […] Mars and Venus A short film by the makers of Maya Prem and Code Changa Duration: 10:10 Starring – Rajani Aryal and Amit Aryal […]

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