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38 Responses to Shri Krishna Shrestha – Nepali actor, producer

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  3. naresh khawas says:

    In Nepali cinema I like Rajesh Hamal and you, of course which film you have given thats all nice n entertaining. I wish u for more success as before n hope, u will produce more entertaining n educational film in future.

  4. we have written several kind of movie scripts such as:
    1. Action movies
    2. Thriller movies
    3. Romantic and Comedy movies
    4. Horror movies and other many more so we would kindly like to get your response as soon as possible if you are interested?
    thank you
    Laxman Prajapati

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  7. ramesh baidhya says:

    tapai ko kaha bheteyela sharai ramro lagyo, from every parts, fight, acting, location and mostly the well as songs.
    aarko ku nai naya film banaudai hunuhuncha ki?

  8. ramesh Baidhya says:

    Namaste hajur,
    malai tapai ka sabai film haru sarai nai man parcha and I love them all.
    tapai ko acting ramro cha tara yo bhanda badhi ramro banauna tapai le aafno acting lai aajai nikharnu parch, (like acting testo hos jaha kunai khot lagaune thau naho, like reality.)
    and u have to improve your words more better.

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