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  • SLC Board Firsts, historical record from 1991 to 2061 BS

    Posted on March 27th, 2010 16 comments

    School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination,  conducted to the students of grade 10 to determine if they are eligible for further studies, is going on in Nepal.

    The exam used to be a benchmark on a school’s performance. The unhealthy competition among the private schools to get most number of students in the SLC board forced the government body to stop releasing the top 10 list of the students after 2061 Bikram Sambat (BS).

    S.L.C. Board first students of Nepal (1990 B.C – 2061 BC):

    1990 – Pushpabhakta Malla
    1991 – Gopal Prasad Rimal
    1992 – Yadunath Khanal
    1993 – Shyam Krishna Goutam
    1994 – Chandra Dev Ojha
    1995 – Tritha Prasad Pradhan
    1996 – Bharat Bahadur Pradhan
    1997 – Bhuvan Lal Pradhan
    1998 – Runulal Singh Suwal
    1999 – Tritha Bahadur Pradhan
    2000 – Gyan Mani Acharya Dixit
    2001 – Vishnu Prasad Dhital
    2002 – Ranjanraj Sharma Khanal
    2003 – Upendra Man Malla
    2004 – Bhavani Shankar Rajvanshi
    2005 – Damodar Funyal
    2006 – Shaed Mohan Shah
    2007 – Nanda Krishna Agrawal
    2008 – Mahavir Prasad Agrawal
    2009 – Babu Lal Agrawal
    2010 – Pushottam Narayan Shrestha
    2011 – Padma Lal Shrestha
    2012 – Ram Babu Sharma
    2013 – Anandman Singh Amatya
    2014 – Divyaratna Shakya
    2015 – Prakash Chandra Joshi (corrected, see comment)
    2016 – Shiva Prasad Adhikari
    2017 – Ramesh Sharma Bhatta
    2018 – Prachanda Jung Shah
    1019 – Rameshananda Vaidya
    2020 – Deepak Bajracharya
    2021 – Bhesh Raj Kandel
    2022 – Narendra Nath Sharma
    2023 – Prakash Manandhar
    2024 – Dambar Bahadur Nepali
    2025 – Bhakta Bahadur Ale
    2026 – Baburam Bhattarai
    2027 – Aangrita Sherpa
    2028 – Drona Prasad Rasaili
    2029 – Rajendra Kumar Kabra
    2030 – Pramod Raj Pokharel
    2031 – Kishore Thapa
    2032 – Ram Chandra Sharma
    2033 – Balram Pandey
    2034 – Anil Bahadur Manandhar
    2035 – Vijaya Krishna Shrestha / Shatish Bajaj
    2036 – Uttam Krishna Shrestha
    2037 – Dwarika Prasad Shrestha (corrected, see comment)
    2038 – Achyut Babu Tiwari
    2039 – Luna Bhatta (First Woman Board First)
    2040 – Nisha Dhaubhadel
    2041 – Shambhu Sharan Shah
    2042 – Rajan Lal Pradhan
    2043 – Deep Kumar Singh
    2044 – Pramod Acharya
    2045 – Rajendra Gurung
    2046 – Nripesh Pradhan
    2047 – Maanav Bhattarai
    2048 – Pravin Dev Pathak
    2049 – Prakash Thapaliya
    2050 – Garima Rana
    2051 – Pankaj Adhikari
    2052 – Aayam Lamichhane
    2053 – Vishwo Bandhu Bagaale
    2054 – Madan Kumar Badal
    2055 – Veerendra Ghimire
    2056 – Sumnima Singh
    2057 – Swochhanda Sanmen
    2058 – Suyog Bhandari
    2059 – Vishal Gyawali
    2060 – Bishal Khanal
    2061 – Samir Shrestha

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16 Responses to SLC Board Firsts, historical record from 1991 to 2061 BS

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  2. gautam subedi says:

    plzzzz send me reult of slc of 2054 if possile

  3. Deo Prakash Rai says:

    It is well known about the declaration of Board First system for the second time and till now it has been stopped. I need the name list of the students those who had secured the highest marks in the S.L.C. EXAINATIONS with their respective schools’ name from the period of 2064 to 2069. Thanking you for your kind cooperation.

  4. krittica says:

    I wud be so greatful if u cud please send me the date of slc exam started for the passed year 2055.thank you.

    • Anand says:

      Hi Krittica,
      You can find the dates by looking in the 2055 newspapers in libraries like Keshar Library or TU library. I am out of country now, so can’t access the libraries. You or somebody you know can visit the libraries and find the exact date.
      I hope this helps. Thanks. – Anand

  5. krittica says:

    Cud u please mention the date of the slc exam stsrted for the slc passed year 2055.

  6. Surya Narayan Mahara says:

    I need my SLC certificate’s detail,I have passed exam on 2058 Bs. so; can you send detail on my email…SURYA NARAYAN MAHARA Roll number:Q.536

  7. Aasha says:

    Please correct the name of Board first 2052.. His name is Aayam not Aayaam.

  8. Dr Dwarika P Shrestha says:

    Please correct my name, it is Dwarika Prasad Shrestha and not Dwarika Raj Shrestha.

  9. binod subba says:

    i lost my mark sheet and don’t have the symbol number so if possible can you send me my symbol number so i can get my report card. i passed my slc exam from ARNIKO SECONDARY BOARDING SCHOOL, year 2058 ,name Binod Subba ,date of birth 2041/01/28 BS,1984/05/10 AD. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please.

  10. ANIL VILAS PANT says:


  11. Prakash Chandra Joshi says:

    I was shocked to see Prakash Chandra LOHANI as Board First in 2015 B.S.It is me who stood Board First in that year.It is Gorkahpatra which twisted this truth when Lohani was a influencial minister in Panchayat System back in 2042 B.S.I can send you the result sheet published by the then HMG Department of Education as a proof.Thanks .

  12. yukta narayan aryal says:

    pl send me slc result since 2050BS to till now, if possible.

  13. nara thapa says:

    please open slc result of bs- 2054 and symbol no-0381197k

  14. sandy spk says:

    hope u all are looking forward to it

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