Jun 122007

This is a guest post. imujra.com asked us to share these videos of sensual traditional dance in ancient Indian continent. The dance shows were traditionally performed in royal palaces to entertain the kings and the high ranking officials.


It was not only the dance but the Mujra dancer girls used to live with the royals and the official to for the night too. In the time a few years back, such public performance of sensual dance have reduced to red light areas.

sonia khan

In current time, because of the rising of Mujra as a form of item dance in movies, the dance has gained popularity in private functions and events. The form of art has also gained popularity in the society too. iMujra is the site dedicated to the ancient art of dancing. Here are some samples of Mujra dances:

Le ke pahela pahela pyar

Punjabi song

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Murder – Film Songs

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