Apr 122015
Bindaas 3 shooting starts, another team up of Raju Giri and Suvekshya Thapa

The chemistry between the director Raju Giri and actress/producer Suvekshya Thapa has has been quite good these days. After making ‘Tiger the Real Hero’, these two had teamed up in the production of ‘Makmali’. And now, it is the hot ‘Bindaas’ sequel ‘Bindaas 3’ even before the completion of the shooting of ‘Makhamali’. Advertisement Raju […]

Sep 112014
Nepali Movie - Bindaas 2

Nepali Movie – Bindaas 2 Starring – Sushma Karki, Jiwan Luitel, Sushant Karki, Madhu Kumar Shrestha, Anisha Gurung etc. Director – Raju Giri ‘Bindaas 2’ is a sequel of ‘Bindaas’ by Manwi Films. The hot Nepali movie of hot actress Sushma Karki debuted another hot actress Anisha Gurung. A poster similar to a Hindi movie […]

Sep 112013
Bindaas 2 poster withdrawn after protest by the actress Anisha Gurung

This is like a scripted story in case of the director Raju Giri‘s film making. He designs hot poster without the consent from the actress and releases in the wild. The public responds to it for being hot and vulgar. There is a bit of tussle between the actress and the director before he decides […]

Sep 052013
Bindaas 2 poster - another stolen poster from Hindi movie features actress Anisha Gurung without clothes

Nepali actress Anisha Gurung is debuting in Nepali movie industry in ‘Bindaas 2’. The film makers have copied the concept of Hindi film ‘Nasha’ in the latest poster of the movie. In place of Indian hot model Poonam Pandey, ‘Bindaas 2’ poster features Anisha. In the poster, Anisha is featured covering sensitive parts of her […]

May 182013
Sushma's Bindaas 2, another upcoming sequel movies

After the moderate success of ‘Bindaas’, the movie team had decided to produce the sequel of the movie. In a latest report, the lead actress Sushma Karki has signed in formally and the shooting is going to start soon. The lead actress of the movie, Sushma Karki had told that she received Rs. 3 lakh […]

Jan 282013
Sushma Karki to be featured in Bindaas sequel

The movie of actress Sushma Karki ‘Bindaas’ had created come controversy and it had helped the movie to gain audience. The movie has cashed on sex and vulgarity (our review of ‘Bindaas’). In a latest news, the producer wants the ‘Bindaas’ saga to continue with the making of it’s sequel.