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  • Binita Baral takes Superhit promotion to a new height with a dating deal

    The controversial actress of ‘Chapali Height‘, Binita Baral is doing everything she can to promote her upcoming movie ‘Superhit’. The latest in the promotion attempt is offering a dating deal to the fan who helps promote her Facebook page.

    binita baral in supershit

    Binita’s dating offer in Facebook however doesn’t have any concrete terms and conditions. All she has told is, "Share my third film ‘Superhit’. The faster you help ‘Superhit’ reach your friend, the faster you can talk with me." She adds, "You can meet me during the release of the movie, watch the movie together and we can go out together."

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  • 4th Digital Film Award held in Kathmandu

    A Nepali film award ceremony, 4th Filmykhabar Digital Film Award, organized by Chhaya Chhabi Creation, was held in Kathmandu on December 9, 2012. The best actor and best actress awards were handed over to Saugat Malla (for ‘Loot‘) and Rekha Thapa (for ‘Andaaz‘) respectively. Rekha’s ‘Andaaz’ was declared the best movie this year.


    Other winners include Best Director – Ujjwal Ghimire for ‘Andaaz’, Best new actress – Binita Baral for ‘Chapali Height‘, Best New Actor – Samyam Puri for ‘Saayad‘. We will post the full list of winners in a separate post.

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  • Nepali Movie – Chapali Height

    chapali_heightAasma Films P. Ltd. presents a movie based on a true story by producer Arjun Kumar
    Nepali MovieChapali Height
    StarringBinita Baral, Raj Timilsina, Amir Gautam etc.
    Director – Dipendra K Khanal

    Also refer our Review of Chapali Height and the pre-release review of Chapali Height.
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  • Binita Baral’s love story

    In an interview to an online news portal, Binita Baral talked about her crush, love affair, and break-up. She talked about her first one-sided love story and the second two-way love story. Now, she says that she is free and single (reads ‘available’).


    First love story:

    In Grade 8, while studying in Chitwan she had crush towards a guy. She was instantly attracted to the new guy in the school. Although she was frank and spoke with every other boys in the school, she felt weak and helpless when she was in front of that guy. Once, she wrote a love letter to the boy in a very formal way. It started with ‘Sir’ and had a subject line ‘let me fall in love’. But, the guy didn’t accept the love letter – he tore her love letter and threw away. Binita was very sad and started  crying. The one sided love story continued until she left the school after SLC (grade 10th).

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  • After Chapali Height, Arjun Kumar to produce 'Fateko Jutta'

    arjun_kumarIn an event to celebrate the success of his second movie "Chapali Height" on May 7 its producer, Arjun Kumar, announced his third venture.

    In the event, Arjun Kumar told that he was glad and excited on the success of his second movie. He tried his hand in movie production with his first movie "The Yug Dekhi Yug Samma." Hid debut movie was was a big disappointed but, he could recover all the loss made by his first venture from his second experimental movie "Chapali Height".

    On the event, we inquired A
    rjun Kumar about his upcoming project. He told that his up-coming movie titled "Fateko Jutta" will also be a small budget movie, targeted to youths in cities. He told that the movie will be made on comedy theme and he expects it to be every entertaining movie. Although planned to go on floor on Bhadra, neither director nor the star casts have been finalized.

    In both of his past movies, Arjun Kumar had worked with director Dipendra K Khanal. He however wasn’t sure if Dipendra will direct more of his movies. At the time, when credit of the success of ‘Chapali Height’ is given to sex and vulgar scenes in the movie, Arjun Kumar has told that his next movie will be pure and clean movie without and vulgar contents or adult-only scenes. The targeted of the movie is less than 20 lakhs.

  • Chandrawati – another controversial movie for adult audiance

    The success of ‘Chapali Height‘ in box office and the success of similar themed previous movie ‘Palpalma’ have provided Nepali producers an news insight: an adult themed movie does a good business in Nepal. Following the same trend, another Nepali movie ‘Chandrawati’ is also set to be released bearing an adult certificate.


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  • Bhuwan KC and Binita Baral – Result of the name change game

    This time, there was an unlikely competition between a established producer and actor Bhuwan KC and a new entry actress Binita Baral. It was not only in changing their names on the suggestion of their respective astrologers, they also competed in creating controversies. And the unlikely winner was Binita Baral (we better call her Beenita Baral).

    Nepali film industry is becoming more competitive these days. Established actors and actresses are facing hard time in remaining relevant in these days and the new actors and film makers are ruling our film industry. In this race, actor / producer, Bhuwan KC‘s attempt to make a comeback was not successful.

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  • Is sex good for Nepali film industry?

    chapali_height_poster"Chapali height" got a good media coverage both before and after release. That was partly because of different controversies the movie was involved in before it was released, and ‘sexual psychology’ highlighted in it’s promotion. Although some have questioned the validity of the claims of its producer that ‘Chapali Height‘ has collected 50 lakhs in a single day, the publicity and viewers in theaters show it should have had a decent  opening. But, one can expect the initial response to fade in lights of negative reviews it is getting from critics and viewers.

    Now, the question arises – is the movie getting negative review from viewers just because it has got sexual contents?

    Chapali Height‘ compares well with a previous similar movie ‘Pal Pal Ma‘ released about two years ago. The movie ‘Pal Pal Ma‘ had also got an adult certificate from the censor board and it was publicized as the first Nepali movie to get an adult certificate. The ‘A’ certificate itself proved to be a tool of good publicity, and a good business as well. But, in essence, ‘Pal Pal Ma‘ had nothing to win the hearts of its viewers and virtually nobody appreciated it as a movie. In the movie, the topic of sex was only used for publicity and it was used in a vulgar way. (watch Palpalma here)

    I think, history is repeating in case of ‘Chapali Height‘ too. In the case of both movies, small group of people liked the movie and the majority didn’t.

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  • Movie review – Chapali Height

    Note: Pre-release review of Chapali Height covers general information and other details.

    With a lot of controversies and publicity from sexually aggressive posters and promos, Chapali Height is released all over major theaters in Nepal. The third directorial venture of Dipendra K Khanal and second movie produced by Arjun Kumar, Chapali Height, has a story of sex for adult audience. Hence, it has received an Adult certificate from the censor board of Nepal.



    Chapali Height is a story of Amir (Amir Gautam) , Bineeta (Binita Baral) and Raj (Raj Ghimire). Amir and Bineeta come from Pokhara to live in Raj’s house at Chapali Height where he is living alone. After spending some time there, relationship between Amir and Bineeta becomes sour and an accident commences the main story of the movie. Its better to Keep the details of the accident, and the suspense that follows, a secret so that your movie experience is not ruined when you watch the movie in theatre.

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  • Chapali Height – a pre release review

    Note: We have started a new pre-release review section. We will do post-review or a real review of the movie after the movie is released. This is a collection of details available before release. 

    Chapali Height

    Upcoming Nepali movie Chapali Height is produced by Arjun Kumar and directed by Dipendra K Khanal. The movie is targeted to all those Nepali who are fond of watching interesting movie but especially targeted to the audience who prefer to go to multiplexes and city dwellers. It is made in digital format.


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  • Chapali Height – height of controversy

    The movie Chapali Height has been as controversial as the lead actress of the movie, Binita Baral. The movie is going to be released next week and we can expect to read more about the movie and it’s lead actress.


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  • Chapali Height – copy paste poster again!

    The poster of Chapali Height released yesterday are copied from an Michael Douglas’s English movie Basic Instinct. It’s not only the poster, the name also has a similar design.


    It’s not only the poster, the name of the movie is also inspired by the movie.


    With these similarities, it’s anybody’s guess what the story should be like!

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  • 10K ‘Chapali Height’ posters destroyed

    After the Binita Baral controversy over the publication some of her photos in various magazine covers, the producer of the movie, Arju Kumar, decided to destroy all the posters designed with the naked photos. About Rs. 250,000 was the cost of design, re-design, and printing of the destroyed posters.


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  • Binita Baral shed crocodile tears – publicity stunt over magazine cover

    binita_baral_fake_cryChapali Height actress Binita Baral has shed some crocodile tears in a press meet organized in Kathmandu. The meet was held in response to the publication of a photo on the cover of Shukrabar weekly and Kamana monthly.

    By the way Binita has responded to the incident, we can say that it was a pre-planned incident and was meant to be a publicity stunt rather than an unexpected event.


    Just after the publication of a photo on Kamana monthly, Shukrabar published similar but different photo. The photo was provided by the producer of the movie, Arjun Kumar, to the media.


    A few things to prove Binita tried to make fool of the people:

    • She had agreed to publish the photo in film poster. She has nothing a
      gainst the photo as such. Publication on magazine cover – is no issue at all.
    • She told she had a piece of garment to cover her chest. Does anybody care if she had anything over there or not? She showed some photos in press meet and they didn’t prove anything.
    • Binita’s tone of message after the press meet – "I told you all I have to say. Now, go on and publish whatever you like!"

  • Binita Baral – Chapali Height photo is no ‘nudity’

    UPDATE: Binita Baral organized the press meet. She is ‘happy’ to tell her story and seems ‘happier’ by the amount of media attraction the photo created. In her Facebook she didn’t care to tell what was the real thing she told in the press meet. That means it is not the important. It seems, the press meet was well planned beforehand and they had taken some photos specially for the anticipated press meet – photos showing undergarments. Binita posted this message in Facebook:


    The Facebook message says nothing about her concern (because, she isn’t concerned about the real issue). She didn’t even felt the need to clarify in her Facebook profile (because, she doesn’t want to spoil the media attention).

    Original article continues ….

    Binita Baral, the ‘Chapali Heights‘ fame model/actress, has been in and out of controversy since she enter the Nepali movie industry. At first she was kicked out of a movie, without compensation, after she had already signed the deal.


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