Nepali Movie – Dhuwani

dhuwaniNepali Movie – Dhuwani
StarringKishor Khatiwada, Sagun Shahi, Prabin Khatiwada, Dhiren Raj Thapa, Anju Gayak, Aarti Verma etc.
Director – Pitamber Pandey

A presentation of Kabita Shrestha, under Kabita Films, Nepali movie ‘Dhuwani’ is made on the story of girls being trafficked to India. The movie shows how young girls from villages are lured with promise of good jobs and decent income in India. The movie produced by Manjil Shrestha is the debut movie of actress and model Sagun Shahi. The story of the action, thriller and adventure movie is written by the director Pitambar Pandey.

The censor board had objected to some scenes in the movie. But, under the pressure of media, it was forced to clear the censor hurdle. In INFA 2014 films awards the movie was nominated in three categories – Best Actress (Sagun Shahi), Best Actor (Kishor Khatiwada) and Best Story (Pitambar Pandey).
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NFDC award, second 4-monthly nomination released

Nepal Film Development Company (NFDC) started the National Film Award last year and it has started nominating the best artists every 4 months. The final nomination will be compiled from these nominations. The current nomination is based on the movies released in the last four months (Bhadra 1 to Mangsir end) in theaters.

nfdc national film award 2069 photo

In the last four months 29 movies were released. The top five movies nominated for the award are:

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Censor board responds to media pressure, Dhuwani awarded PG certificate

After the pressure from the media, the Censor Board was forced to change it’s decision on censor certificate to the movie ‘Dhuwani’.  The censor board had objected to a dialogue in the movie citing the dialogue to create problem with the neighboring countries. Now, the Board has allowed the movie to be screened in theaters with PG certificate. The certificate allows children to watch the movie with adults.

dhuwani poster 1

After this incident, it is proved that the Board doesn’t have a clear guideline on censoring movies and they act on personal preferences and intuition. This is not the first time such incident had happened. The movie banned by the Board, ‘ATM‘ was released on July 26 without change after the court found it suitable for the public. With these problems, the Board doesn’t hold any credibility to censor movies.

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Dhuwani in Censor problem

The censor board has been criticized for harassing film makers by objecting on non-critical stuffs. One example of the failure of Censor Board is the latest re-release of ‘ATM‘ on the order of court after facing ban from Censor Board for more than half a year.

dhuwani poster6

Now, another movie ‘Dhuwani’ has been stopped by the Censor Board objecting on a simple dialogue. The movie made on girls trafficking in Nepal is objected on a dialogue stating higher demand of Nepali girls in China. The filmmakers say that the statement is based on the report of Maiti Nepal, a NGO working on trafficking.

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