May 052011
Google Fast Food and Ice Cream Parlor

You might be wondering if Google has started a Fast Food chain. If you can read Nepali and you have been to this restaurant, you would be inclined to think so. After all, the sign board is sponsored by Pepsi. Go! Google for the fast food and ice cream! Advertisement The photo credits – Anbika […]

Dec 252010
Nepal featured in Google's Interactive Holiday Doodle

Google homepage featured an interactive holiday Doodle (Google Logo) from December 23 through December 25. The logo features 17 illustrations of scenes of peace, joy and beauty around the world. When mouse is moved over the small picture, it expands and a click takes to Google search page explaining that particular context. What made this […]

Nov 232010
Facebook asks me to make it my homepage - one more reasons for Google to worry about

A weekly statistics show that 1 in 4 of all page impressions in the US were in Facebook pages. Hitwise statistics revealed a 60% increase in traffic to Facebook when compared to the same period last year. Now, Facebook is well above its nearest competitor, Google, and well ahead of Yahoo and YouTube. It is […]

Nov 022010
Nepali 'Ban-List' is a promotion list - please add in it!

They did a good job of promoting some sites like Huffington Post, or sfsi (I had never heard of them before!) with the explicit websites ban list. Now, thanks to the wide-spread protest, the government has updated the list to remove non-relevant and add more sites like Playboy. You might have expected the government had […]

Oct 102010
Google tests robot car (video)

A secret project at Google involves cars with technology to help them to "drive themselves." It it’s blog post, Google says that its goal is, "to help prevent traffic accidents, free up people’s time and reduce carbon emissions by fundamentally changing car use." The Google cars have reportedly driven more than 140,000 miles with the […]