Mar 172015
Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai heads to USA

The Rajesh Hamal couple has left for the USA to participate in a NRN conference. The Hamal couple’s honeymoon plan right after their marriage was foiled when Madhu couldn’t get the visa. They went to Pokhara instead. Advertisement That was not the only canceled plan of US visit, another plan was canceled because the shooting […]

Jul 222014
Shree Krishna Shrestha fell sick on his honeymoon, Kohinoor promotion affected

New married actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has fallen sick on his honeymoon in India. In a message posted by his wife actress Sweta Khadka, Shree Krishna is having dry cough and doctors have asked him not to speak much. Shree Krishna was a little sick on the day of the marriage. He was having the […]

Jun 242014
Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai in honeymoon trip to Pokhara (Photos)

UPDATE (June 25) – more photos are added at the end of the post: After getting married, Rajesh Hamal was pretty busy in programs in Australia and now, he had found time to spend quality time with his new wife, Madhu Bhattarai. A photo slideshow of the honeymoon trip photos of Rajesh Hamal: The new […]

Jul 102010
Manisha Koirala honeymoon news in Finn media

Manisha Koirala’s honeymoon vacation in Europe is being widely publicized by the local media. One of the Finn television has covered the news about the honeymoon vacation of Nepali beauty and Bollywood actress, Manisha Koirala. The screenshot on the right is taken from the television media report. The news published in iltalehti says – ‘India’s […]