Nepali Movie – Lanka

lankaNepali Movie – Lanka
StarringRekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwoda, Nandu Shrivastab, Nagendra Rijal, Dhurba Koirala, Sailaja Pandey etc.
DirectorShyam Bhattarai

Watch the full movie ‘Lanka’ in a single part:

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Chhabi and Shyam Bhattarai planning Lanka sequel Lanka 2

In a latest report, director Shyam Bhattarai is teaming with Rekha Thapa‘s ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha to produce the hit movie ‘Lanka’ sequel. Both Chhabi and Shyam had been the victim of being stepping stones on the success of the top actress in the Nepali film industry.

rekha thapa and shyam bhattrai

Shyam and Chhabi have reportedly signed an agreement to take ‘Lanka 2’ to floor after Tihar. In the report, there is a high chance that Shilpa Pokharel will be featured in the lead role in the movie. We suspect, Shilpa’s future will be determined when her debut movie ‘Lazza’ releases in Tihar.

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Rekha Thapa accused Shyam Bhattarai of being incompetent director

Actress Rekha Thapa has accused director Shyam Bhattarai of not knowing anything about film direction. She also says that he doesn’t have any idea of film making. She accused, “His knowledge of film direction is less than that of spot-boys.”

Watch slideshow video on Rekha’s accusations:

But, in contrast to her saying, Rekha Thapa had won Best Actress award in D Cine Award for the the role she did in Shyam Bhattarai’s movie ‘Lanka’.

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5 milestones of Chhabi Raj Ojha as a Nepali movie producer

In 2040 BS Chhabi Raj Ojha started the distribution of Hindi movie. He moved to Kathmandu for the distribution. The first Nepali movie he distributed was ‘Bhagya Rekha’ – a movie produced by Chiranjivi Basnet and directed by Deepak Rayamajhi. The movie wasn’t successful commercially. He had also gone to Madras for the post production of the movie. After the failure of ‘Bhagyarekha’, Chhabi proposed a concept to Deepak Rayamajhi and promised to finance it.

Updated video:

five milestones of chhabi raj ojha

Full list of movies produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha (click on the name with links to watch the movie):

  1. Yug Dekhi Yug Samma
  2. Nata
  3. Janmabhumi
  4. Hero
  5. Kasto Saino
  6. Yestai Rahechha Jindagi
  7. Ajambari Nata
  8. Himmat
  9. Kismat
  10. Hifajat
  11. Kasle Choryo Mero Man
  12. Andaaz
  13. Rawan
  14. Lanka
  15. Hamesha
  16. Loafer
  17. Lazza

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Rekha Thapa’s Goddess movies confusing viewers

Actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Kali’ is currently in floor. Rekha has shared some photos from the shooting and it seems her role is confusing in lights of her past movies. 

In the past few movies, Rekha Thapa has been featured in similar roles. The female oriented movies are named similar and confusing – ‘Kali’ is currently in production and ‘Durga’, ‘Rawan’ and ‘Lanka’ are already released. Although Rekha has told that her roles in these movies are different, she looks same (in police uniform) in ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ (see the photo below).

rekha in kali and lanka

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Rekha Thapa to visit USA, showing 'Lanka' in Qatar

Actress Rekha Thapa had been quite busy lately. She was recently in Dubai to take two awards of being the best actress and then went back to Nepal to receive another award of being the best actress. She is currently in Qatar to show her latest movie ‘Lanka’.

In a latest report, after she returns from Qatar, her next destination is going to be the USA.


According to DC Nepal, Rekha has already got the US visa and she will participate in various programs in the US while screening ‘Lanka’ to the Nepali living in the US.

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Movie review – Lanka

Nepali movie ‘Lanka’ was the solo release on November 16, 2012.  And the only Nepali movie to relase on the following week, ‘ATM’ was also banned from the theater on the accusation of trying to cheat the censor board. In that way, ‘Lanka’ was lucky to be the only Nepali movie in theater for two weeks. That was one of the reasons ‘Lanka’ has been successful so far.


Lanka is made on regular masala story of the clash of good and evil. The movie features actress Rekha Thapa in the leading role as a police officer. Kishor Khatiwada (Satya), Rekha Thapa (Saraswati Pandey) and Nandu Sribastav (Babubhai) are the main characters of the movie directed by Shayam Bhattarai.

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Rekha Thapa's 'Lanka' to be released on Nov. 9

Actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Lanka’ is to be released next week on November 9, 2012. The female centric movie features Rekha in a role of a police inspector.

The movie directed by Shyam Bhattarai features Rekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwada, Dhruba Koirala, Nandu Sribastav, Malati Shah etc. in main roles. The story of the movie is written by the producer and Rekha’s husband Chhabiraj Ojha.


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