Apr 122010
Brand Ambassador competition in Nepali celebrities

Many actors, musicians, and players are appointed brand ambassadors of various commercial products to increase their sales. These ambassadors usually are established personalities in their field and who potentially have charm and attraction to help in the success of the product they represent. Pop singer Nima Rumba is brand ambassador of most number of commercial […]

Nov 262009
Shiva Shrestha - Nepali actor

Shiva Shrestha Biography: Shiva Shrestha’s movies : Shiva Shrestha is one of the oldest actors in Nepali film industry, famous in action movies and romance movies. Apart from his acting skills he is also a good dancer, a skill lacking in many male actors in Nepalese movies. Shiva Sherstha has also acted in various Pakistani […]

Oct 312009
Shri Krishna Shrestha - Nepali actor, producer

SAD news – Shree Krishna Shrestha died on August 9, 2014 in Apolo Hospital, Delhi, India because of pneumonia. Shree’s last movie ‘Kohinoor’ was released a day before on August 8. He had a long affair with the actress Sweta Khadka and got married a month before the death. Shree and Sweta were told to […]