Actresses trying singing, Pooja Sharma is the new singer in Nepali film industry

After Rekha Thapa, Priyanka Karki, Namrata Shrestha, Niruta Singh, Chhulthim Gurung etc., another Nepali actress has also tried singing. This time, the ‘Prem Geet’ actress, Pooja Sharma has become a new singer. The actress has given voice to a song titled ‘Prem Katha’, a duet song with a well known singer, Anil Singh.

In addition to giving their voices, both Anil Singh and Pooja Sharma are also featured as the models in the music video (music video is attached at the end of this post). My video report about Pooja’s debut in singing:

Pooja had also released a song in January this year. But, she took it offline before I could review it for some unknown reasons. Two other actresses who had also released music videos in January 2016 were Priyanka Karki and Chhulthim Gurung. I had shared their music videos at that time.
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Nepali movie – Darpan Chhaya

drapan_chayaNepali movie – Darpan Chhaya (2001)
starring – Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Uttam Pradhan, Tulsi Ghimire etc.
Director – Tulsi Ghimire

Watch the full movie ‘Darpan Chhaya’ in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Santan Thari Thari Ka

santan-thari-thari-ka nameNepali Movie– Santan Thari Thari Ka (सन्तान थरि थरिका)
Starring: Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Dinesh Sharma, Sisam KC, Harihar Sharma, Sakuntala Sharma, Deepak Raj Giri, Shiva Hari Poudel, Nirmal Sharma, Daman Rupakheti etc.
Director – Deshbkhata Khanal

Watch ‘Santan Thari Thari Ka’ in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Siudoko Sindoor (Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya)

siudoko sindoorNepali Film – Siudoko Sindoor
Starring, Jharana Bajracharya, Niruta Singh, Nir Shah, Basundhara Bhusal, Mukunda Shrestha, Ratan Subedi, Samjhana Budhathoki etc.
Director – Manjukumar Shrestha

A 2001 release movie, ‘Siudoko Sindoor’ is presented by Global Cine Concern, by Birendra Narayan Shrestha. The movie featuring ex-Miss Nepal Jharana Bajracharya also features Niruta Singh and Rajesh Hamal. The movie features the script and dialogue of Surendra Nakarmi, Purushottam Pradhan was assistant cameraperson in the film. Music in the film is composed by Sambhujit Baskota, choreography by Kamal Rai, action by Rajendra Khadgi, editing by Karun Thapa / Prem BK and production / cinematography by the director Manjukumar Shrestha.

Full movie in a single part:

Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

Star Cast in ‘Siudoko Sindoor’

Rajesh Hamal – The superstar of Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal’s next movie features him in a woman’s role in Sakuntala. Read the biography of Rajesh Hamal and the full list of his movies in the following link:

rajesh hamal films

Jharana Bajracharya – Miss Nepal World 1997, Jharana Bajracharya has acted in a number of movies. Her acting career didn’t go well. Jharana got married to a Malaysian businessman last year and she is expecting a child in April of 2016.

Niruta Singh – One of the top actress of her time, Niruta Singh left the film industry in 2008. She is reportedly working in Mumbai as an interior designer.

A poster of ‘Siudoko Sindoor’:

siudoko sindoor poster 1

Nepali Movie – Hami Sathi Bhai

hami-sathi bhai nepali movieNepali Movie – Hami Sathi Bhai
StarringNikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Saranga Shrestha etc.
Director – Rabi Aryal

A presentation of Dilip Rayamajhi, Nepali movie ‘Hami Sathi Bhai’ is made under the banner of Shreya Films. The script of the movie is written by the director Rabi Aryal. The cinematographer of the movie is Raj Bikram Thapa and is produced by  Sunil Datt, art by Niruta Singh, music by Suresh Adhikari, action by NB Maharjan, editing by Banish Shah, and choreography by Basanta Shrestha.

Full movie in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Aago (The Fire)

aago nepali movieNepali Movie – Aago
StarringBipana Thapa, Niruta Singh, Saranga Shrestha, Sushil Chhetri, Basundhara Bhusal, Sushil Pokharel, Sunil Thapa etc.
DirectorNarayan Puri

A presentation of Kisan Pokharel for Rodi Films banner, Nepali movie ‘Aago’ was a controversial movie. The government wasn’t happy by the movie so, it had seized the photo-negative of movie. The movie was converted into digital format. ‘Aago’ became super hit movie of its time. To cash the popularity and success of the movie it’s sequel movie ‘Aago 2’ was also made and was released in January 2015. But, the sequel wasn’t that successful in winning the hearts of the viewers.

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Nepali Movie – Shorha Barshe Jowan

 16 barshe jowanNepali film – 16 Barse Jowan
StarringShiva Shrestha, Niruta Singh , Jal Shah, Ramesh Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Ishowri Pradhan, Arjun Shrestha.
Director – Sambhu Pradhan

The guest artists in the movie are Saranga Shrestha and Puran Joshi

The movie ‘Shorha Barshe Jowan’ is a multi-starrer, hit movie by Sambhu Pradhan made under Ishwori Arts International banner and Arjun Shrestha presentation.

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Nepali Movie – Rahar

rahar nepali movieNepali Movie – Rahar
Starring  – Tulsi Ghimire, Niruta Singh etc.
Director -Tulsi Ghimire

The Nepali movie ‘Rahar’ is a presentation of Ajambari Films. The movie is produced by Shabanam Risal and Subarna Kayastha. The assistant cinematographer is Dik Khadka, choreography by Prabesh Bantawa, lyrics by Kusum Gajamer / Tulsi Ghimire, music Ranjit Gajamer. Shrawan Ghimire is the production officer. Tulsi Ghimire is the script writer, editor and cinematographer. The songs of the movie were popular among the Nepali audience and the movie was a hit movie of its time.

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Niruta Singh movies in xnepali

Debuting in ‘Dakshina’ in 1993, actress Niruta Singh was introduced by noted director Tulsi Ghimire. Her dad’s friend, Tulsi Ghimire’s camp became the second home for Niruta after that.  Niruta quickly became the number one actress after the huge success of ‘Darpan Chhaya’.

Here are the movies available in xnepali, featuring Niruta Singh:

Nepali movie – Darpan Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Hero
Nepali Movie – Bhagya
Nepali Movie – Santan Thari Thari Ka
Nepali Movie – Siudoko Sindoor (Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya)
Nepali Movie – Hami Sathi Bhai
Nepali Movie – Aago (The Fire)
Nepali Movie – Shorha Barshe Jowan
Nepali Movie – Rahar
Nepali Movie – Surakshya
Nepali Movie – Sabadhan
Nepali Movie – Saait
Nepali Movie – Pinjada
Nepali movie – Darpan Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Lahana
Nepali Movie – Bandhaki
Nepali Movie – Ae Pandit Baje
Nepali Movie – Maitee
Nepali Movie – Afno Ghar Afnai Manche
Nepali movie – Ajambari Nata
Nepali movie – Ko Afno Ko Birano
Nepali movie – Dukha
Nepali Movie – Jiwandaan
Nepali Movie – Aama Ko Kakh
Nepali Movie – Nata Ragatko
Nepali Movie- The Game
Nepali Movie – Malai Man Paryo
Nepali Movie – Ram Laxman
Nepali Movie – Malai Maaf Garideu
Nepali Movie – Chamatkar
Nepali Movie – Afnopan
Nepali Movie – Timi Meri Hau
Nepali Movie -Dakshina
Nepali movie – Farki Aau
Nepali Movie – Cheetkar
Nepali Movie – Dodhar
Nepali Movie – Darr
Nepali Movie – Ajambari Maya
Nepali movie – Chandani
Nepali Movie – Upakar
Nepali Movie – Kartavya
Nepali Movie – Luv Kush
Nepali Movie – Man Mandir
Nepali Movie – Santaan
Nepali Movie – Dui Kinara
Nepali Movie – Aamako Aashirwad
Nepali Movie – Ladai
Nepali Movie – Atankabadi
Nepali Movie – Afanta
Nepali Movie – Yo Kasto Prem
Nepali Movie – Dui Pal
Nepali Movie – Duniya
Nepali Movie – Aafno Manche
Nepali Movie – Sanjivani
Nepali Movie – Thuldai
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Nepali Movie – Surakshya

surakshyaNepali Movie – Surakshya
StarringRajesh Hamal, Dinesh Sharma, Niruta Singh, Sunil Dutta Pandey, Saranga Shrestha, Deepa Shree Niraula, Rabi Shah, Bhuwan Chand, Jitu Nepal, Daman Rupakheti etc.
Director – Amrit Sharma

The movie ‘Surakshya’ is the first presentation of Ram Janaki Pictures by Shyam Pandey. The movie features the music of Madhu Chhetri, choreography by Raju Shah, action by NB Maharjan, cinematography by Shiva – Kishor Dhakal, editing by Shekhar Nautiyabad, script by Amrit Sharma / Rabi Aryal.

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Nepali Movie – Sabadhan

sabadhanNepali Movie – Sabadhan
StarringNikhil Upreti, Sajja Mainali, Santosh Pant, Mithila Sharma, Gopal Raj Mainali, Kiran KC, Shovit Basnet, Mukunda Thapa, Mahadev Tripathi, Niruta Singh, Priya Rijal, Sushil Pokharel etc.
DirectorDinesh DC

The Nepali movie ‘Sabadhan’ is a presentation of United Dreams features Nikhil Upreti and Sajja Mainali in leading roles. Guest artists in the movie are Niruta Singh, Priya Rijal and Sushil Pokharel. Actor Nikhil Upreti has also written the story of the movie. The movie features the lyrics by Pramod Dhungana / Suresh Adhikari, still photography by Shiva Thapa, field sound by Sagar Ghimire, make up by Shambha D Patel, costume by Jiwan Pokharel, background music by Sanjaya Shrestha, editing by Tara Thapa / Banish Shah, cinematography by Dirgha Gurung, choreography by Basanta Shrestha / Gajit Bista, visual effect by Kapal Parajuli, music by Suresh Adhikari, action by NB Maharjan, and the script by the director Dinesh DC. The singers in the movie are Udit Narayan Jha, Deepa Jha, Dinesh DC, Suresh Adhikari and James Pradhan

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Nepali Movie – Saait

saaitNepali Movie – Saait
StarringShiva Shrestha, Bharati Ghimire, Dhiren Shakya, Niruta Singh, Tika Pahadi, Tulsi Ghimire, Laxmi Giri etc.
Director – Tulsi Ghimire

A presentation of Uday Lawati for CRF, Nepali movie ‘Saait’ features KK Lohar, Shubha Pradhan and Bhawani Bagdas in guest roles. Dimpi Ghimire, Gautam Chhetri, Panchami Ghimire and Shristi Ghimire are the child artists in the movie. The movie features playback singing of Aruna Lama, Indrajit Mijar, Sadhana Sargam and Bharati Ghimire. Shrawan Ghimire has helped as a special helper. Bhariti Ghimire has also worked as the Chief Assistant Director and assisted in the editing with Ram Sapkota.

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Nepali Movie – Pinjada

pinjadaNepali Film – Pinjada
StarringNikhil Upreti, Niruta Singh, Resh Marahatta, Prasidika Rayamajhi, Sushila Rayamajhi, Salon Basnet, Narad Khatiwada, Pawan Mainali etc.
Director – Desh Bhakta Khanal

The debut movie of actor Nikhil Upreti, ‘Pinjada’ is made on the story of Pawan Mainali. The movie also features the son of director Shovit Basnet, Salon Basnet as a child artist. The movie ‘Pinjada’ is the presentation of Pawan Mainali for Free Sky International Pvt. Ltd. The script and dialogue of the movie is written by the director Desh Bhakta Khanal. The success of the movie established Nikhil Upreti as an action hero in Nepali film industry.

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