Kismat 2

The sequel of hit film ‘Kismat’ – Kismat 2 is going to release on Dashain festival. The movie produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha will be released on October 7 (Ashoj 21).

The movie directed by Rishi Lamichane features actress Shilpa Pokharel with Kishor Khatiwada and Prithivi raj Prasai. The movie was initially scheduled to release on Chaitra 27 with Rekha Thapa’s movie ‘Ram Pyari’. Rekha and Chhabi had agreed for separate release date.

The original ‘Kismat’ featured Rekha Thapa in leading role.

किस्मत २ चलचित्र २०७३ सालको दशैमा – असोज २१ (फूलपातिको अघिल्लो दिन) रिलिज हुने। ऋषि लामिछाने निर्देशित यो फिल्ममा शिल्पा पोखरेल,किशोर खतिवडा, पृथ्वीराज प्रसाइ आदिको अभिनय रहेको छ।

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Nepali Movie – Jaun Hinda Pokhara

jaun hida pokhara nepali movieNepali Movie – Jaun Hinda Pokhara
StarringRekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel, Shovit Basnet, GK Sharma etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

About ‘Jaun Hinda Pokhara’

A presentation of Salon Films, by Saleena Basnet, the Nepali movie ‘Jaun Hida Pokhara’ was released in theatre in November of 2015. The music in the movie are composed by Basanta Sapkota,Arjun Pokhrel, and Amrit Shrestha. Amrit Shrestha has also prepared the background score in the movie. The action is directed by Rajendra Khadgi, and choreography by Shankar BC, Ramji Lamichhane, and Shovit Basnet. The cinematographer is Ganesh Kumar Shrestha, editing by Narayan Pandey. The writer is Dhruba Lamsal. The director Shovit Basnet was also responsible of story, screenplay and direction. The producer of the movie is Ram Gautam. The censor board has given a PG certificate to the movie.

Watch full movie ‘Jaun Hida Pokhara’
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Rekha Thapa in Sabin Shrestha debut production movie Hero Returns (formal announcement)

The debut movie of actor Sabin Shrestha, ‘Hero Returns’ was formally announced in an event held on August 2, 2016 in Kathmandu. Rekha Thapa, the actress who debuted in Chhabi Raj Ojha’s movie ‘Hero’, will also be featured in a leading role in ‘Hero Returns’.

With Rekha Thapa, Sabin Shrestha, Dil Shrestha and Saroj Khanal in leading role, the movie will be directed by Ashish Bhetwal. Bhetwal wasn’t present in the press meet as he is currently in Australia.

(Following video report was made in March, about 5 months ago)

Talking in the press meet, Rekha Thapa told that she was impressed by the story and couldn’t say no to the role. She told, she will be featured in an action role int he movie. The movie will be made on an action-comedy story written by Shivam Adhikari. The cinematographer of the movie is Madan Kshyap Ghimire, music by Deepak Sharma and Tanaka Budhathoki, choreography by Kabiraj Gahatraj and action by Chandra Panta.
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Gurus of Rekha Thapa, Komal Oli and Sunil Pokharel (Guru Purnima Special)

On Tuesday, July 19, Nepali celebrated Guru Purnima by worshiping their ultimate teacher – Guru. The Guru is the person who has the most influence on a person’s life. The Guru is more than a teacher or an idol.

guru purnima special guru of reka komal and sunil

Who is Rekha Thapa’s Guru?

Actress Rekha Thapa doesn’t have a Guru as such. When asked to name one, Rekha told that she considers her father the Guru at home. After her father, her mother taught her to be good mannered. In the film industry, Rekha had previously told that Naresh Poudel is her God Father in the film industry.
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Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha officially divorced, Chhabi’s marriage in making

The top actress of Nepali film industry Rekha Thapa has been officially divorced. Rekha and Chhabi Raj Ojha had separated in 2012 after living together for more than a decade. After four years of living separately, Chhabi had reportedly asked Rekha to sign the divorce papers. There are rumours that Chhabi has found a model girlfriend to marry. Before marrying a new girl, Chhabi had to get the official divorce from Rekha. That is told to be the reason behind the sudden divorce at the court, after living separately for more than four years.

Watch a video report on the case:

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha relationship

In various interviews, Rekha Thapa had publicly admitted that the marriage wasn’t a marriage at all. She told, it was an agreement of living together. Even without Rekha’s statement, the marriage seem like a deal than love-relationship.  Continue reading

Nepali movie – Bhagwaan Sabaiko

bhagawan_sabaikoNepali movie – Bhagwaan Sabaiko
Starring, Rekha Thapa, Arjun Karki, Bikrant Basnet, Nandita KC, Sunil Dutt Pandey, Mithila Sharma, Sabhyata Giri etc.
Director – Pradeep Shrestha

Nepali movie ‘Bhagawan Sabiko’ – full movie in a single part:

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Actress – Journalist controversies, Who, What, Where and When?

Celebrities and journalists have love-hate relationship. They can’t love each other but, as one needs the other, they can’t hate either. This delicate balance doesn’t always work. That is when controversy starts. Let me discuss the most popular actress-journalist controversies:

UPDATE: July 2016, Sushma Karki controversy.

Sushma Karki and a journalist

What had happened – Sushma Karki was angry and asked journalists to do homework before asking questions.
Where – Kathmandu, during the press meet of ‘Sanjog’
When – July 2016

Read more about the incident in this post.

Shristi Shrestha and a journalist

What had happened – Shristi Shrestha was angry.
Where – Chitwan, during promotion of ‘Gajalu’
When – June 2016

In the promotion program of her debut movie ‘Gajalu’ in Chitwan, Shristi Shrestha was pissed off by the question of a journalist. Shristi didn’t want to answer the question about her interest in acting. She asked the journalist to do proper homework before asking questions.

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Nepali movie – Kismat

kismat-rekhaNepali film – Kismat
Starring Rekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatt, Aryan Sigdel, Nir Shah, Harihar Sharma, Subhadra Adhikari, Jitu Nepal, Gopal Nepal (Fiste) etc.
Story / Direction – Ujjwal Ghimire

Watch full movie ‘Kismat’ in a single part:
(movie is not available now)
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4 Cine artists to be honored by the President, the Republic Day Google Doodle

On the 9th Republic Day, Nepal Government has honored four film artists by Prabal Janasewa Award. According to the press release by the Ministry of Home, the artists awarded by the award are:

The artists are honored for their contribution to their field. The artists will be awarded in a special program to be held later. The president Bidhya Devi Bhandari will hand over the awards to all the award winners.

In addition to the artists, singer Aani Choying Dolma is also awarded by another award in the same list. She is awarded the award for her contribution in social work sector.

film artists rekha thapa dhurumus suntali wilson dayaram government honor

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Rekha Thapa stardom seen in RamPyari release

Although the reviews of Rekha Thapa‘s new release ‘Ram Pyari’ is nothing to be excited about, her star power is clearly seen in the theater. When Rekha visited the theaters to meet the viewers, the viewers were happy and excited to she her. Some viewers were so excited that they carried her and threw her in the air (see the following video for a small clip).

What do viewers say about Ram Pyari?

The initial review of the movie is not that good. One of the viewers told, “Apart from Rekha Thapa, there is nothing to watch it the movie.” He said, the movie is similar to her previous movies. Although the action is good, the story and the story telling style is same as her previous movies.

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Friday Release – Rampyari and Nai Nabhannu La 4

Two of the most awaited movies of the year, ‘Rampyari’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ are released in theater today, on April 9, 2016.

friday release rampyari and nai nabhannu la

Nai Nabhannu La 4

The fourth sequel of the highly successful franchise, ‘Nai Nabahnnu La 4’ is directed by Bikash Acharya and features Pal Shah, Barsha Raut, Aanchal Sharma, Priyanka Karki and others. Like the previous sequels, the love story movie is expected to make the viewers cry.

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