May 292011
Sweta Lamichane clarifies Saptahik article

I wrote about Sweta Lamichane back in Februry of 2010. It is good to see the beautiful lady featured in this week’s Saptahik weekly. But apparently, Sweta is not too much happy about the portraying of her as the ‘Hollywood star’ in the article. Advertisement Sweta’s clarification in her own words: Since I can’t read […]

Jan 082011
Let's demand Saptahik to be categorized an 'adult' magazine

UPDATE: An online petition –To Name Nepali Weekly – Saptahik an Adult-Only Magazine– is started. A disclaimer first: I don’t know anybody, in person, in Kantipur publication; they have never done any harm to me or anybody I know. Nobody has told to write this article and I have nothing personal to gain or loose […]

Dec 242010
Kantipur's stray sexual desire - strip dance and women's most sensitive parts

It has been more than a few times Kantipur publication has shown it’s immaturity in it’s role as a mainstream media. It has shown signs of becoming an old lion who can’t hunt but is too proud to accept the truth – it is no longer a media of choice. Kantipur’s desperate attempts to attract […]

Jul 102010
Smita Thapa, my daughter, and Kantipur media house

…Minority knowledgeables thought Smita as a very courageous, frank, fearless, and revolutionary woman… If, I am sure I am right, I don’t care what others say about me. But, when I am in doubt, I start seeking palatable excuses to prove myself right! That is what Saptahik is doing by publishing the following article. click […]

Jul 072010
Journalism Ethics, Maya Bazin, Smita Thapa, and Kantipur

UPDATE: One of the admins of the site hosting Maya’s video has replied to our question about the background of Maya Bazin. Here is what they have to say: She’s a |**rn girl. That’s why she’s lying. Most girls don’t want to give away their real background so she made something up. …. I hope […]