Oct 022014
Nepali Movie - Sathi Ma Timro

Nepali Movie – Sathi Ma Timro Starring – Bhuwan KC, Rekha Thapa, Kamal Krishna, Richa Ghimire, Shirshak Sapkota, Anmol KC etc. Director – Shiva Regmi Advertisement The movie produced by Kajal Films is one more movie produced by popular movie actor Bhuwann KC. The actor added an extra ‘n’ in his name on the suggestion […]

Mar 262012
Bhuwan KC and Binita Baral - Result of the name change game

This time, there was an unlikely competition between a established producer and actor Bhuwan KC and a new entry actress Binita Baral. It was not only in changing their names on the suggestion of their respective astrologers, they also competed in creating controversies. And the unlikely winner was Binita Baral (we better call her Beenita […]

Mar 022012
Movie Review - Sathi Ma Timro

At the time when two or even four movies are being released every week, there was only one movie released this week – Bhuwan KC’s “Sathi Ma Timro”. “Sathi Ma Timro” is a story of a struggling movie producer and his son, played by child artist Shirshak Sapkota in leading role. Story: Saathi ma timro […]

Feb 192012
Bhuwan KC talks Sathi Ma Timro

The actor and producer Bhuwan KC is one of the well known personality in Nepali movie industry who doesn’t need an introduction. It was at the end of 2009 Bhuwan KC announced his son to be featured in Sathi Ma Timro. After almost a year, he realized Anmol need to focus more on studies than […]

Feb 132012
Does Bhuwan KC still have the competitive advantage?

Understanding Nepali film industry is not easy. I am confused when somebody asks about the strongest star-power actor in Nepali film industry. In fact, there is none! Neither Rajesh Hamal‘s action nor Rekha Thapa‘s exposure can be a sure-shot of success. But, in case of Bhuwan KC, there seems to be a consensus among media […]

Dec 252011
Bhuwann KC, astrologer added an extra 'n' in his name

The investment in Nepali movies is very insecure and nobody knows how the viewers perceive new movies. It becomes scary when the story and the content is not strong enough. In such situations, Nepali film makers go in the refuge of astrologers.  This time, an established producer and actor in Nepali movie, Bhuwan KC went […]

Sep 012010
Anamol KC to stop acting for 3 years

Anamol KC, the star-son, upcoming actor, supposed to walk on his father’s step became popular among the younger generation even before the release of his first movie. Bhuwan KC, the father has something else planned for the cute boy. He wants Anamol to finish studies before he fully plunges into acting. When the parents, Bhuwan […]