Jan 132012

Chuna lai hoina herna chai paainchha…
Aakhaa lai sekna jati ni paainchha


Udreko choli chha hai, tei pani laainchha…

Although the item song of the movie "Loot" received some harsh comments, it is one of the attraction of the movie, Loot, being released today.  The item dancer Sushma Karki has performed a very nice dance in the suggestive song. Here are some photos taken during the shooting.

The dance video is posted at the end.

udreko_choli_loot (1)

udreko_choli_loot (2)

udreko_choli_loot (3)

udreko_choli_loot (4)

Udhrako Choli – music video.

  7 Responses to “Udreko choli – Sushma Karki in Loot item dance (photos and video)”

  1. […] at the time when the Nepali movie industry was going in a downward spirals. Actress and model Sushma Karki’s item dance ‘Undreko choli …’ established the actress as the hot actress in Nepali film […]

  2. I:like it udhrako chholi

  3. […] item song ‘Udhreko Choli’ and it’s popularity has helped in the marketing of the movie. But, that is not the whole […]

  4. […] Udreko choli – Sushma Karki in Loot item dance (photos and video) […]

  5. Khallo pan lagyo.. Nirteykar ko Nirtey pura kamjori pan ra jan Bhote jasto keta Dikhaune Hashn ko Bichama BAGGULLA jastai bayo tesle jan pura khallo pana bayo…. sangit ko Melody arbiyen pachaunai na sakine sabda thiknai mannupar6.

    • Everything looks so cheap… even a dancer who can’t move can perform a great dance in movies because it is all about dance direction and editing. यो गित शब्दको कारण ले मात्र पपुलर भएको हो …

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