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0 Responses to Yamaha Motorcycle Race 2010 held in Kathmandu

  1. Suraj Krishna Mali says:

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you so much for your promt response and quick update accordingly.

    I would like to give you more information regarding the competition,

    “The Event was start by the warm up round to all the participants of R15 and FZ catagory with 4 laps between 6 riders in each group. Then start qualifing round with 4 laps in each group randamly. After finished of 4 laps quater final round, their had 6 laps semi final round between all quater final round winners by each group. And finally the final round was completed by 10 laps between 6 top riders of each catogory.

    To entertain a visitors and audiene, there was a DJ session, B-Boying and Cheerleader as well.”

    Thanking you

    Suraj Krishna Mali

  2. Suraj Krishna Mali says:


    according to your post about the Yamaha Ride Tech Challenge Season 2, I am pleased to see the news and your coverage about the mega event such like this in your website.
    But i would like to ammend your post, where has some mistake about the news.

    “There was total 96 participants in both R15 and FZ catogies. In R15 & FZ catogory Mr. Samar Manandhar and Mr. Manish Shresha was winner accordingly. As a winner they got chance to participate in Chhenai Championship, which is on January. As a second place Mr. Benjamin Gautam & Karan Khatiwada got Rs. 20000 cash prize each for R15 and FZ catogory and Mr. Prashant Timsina and Mr. Bibek Kumar Mandal got Rs. 10000 cash prize as a Third place in each catogory.”

    Hope this will make you clear to post the news.

    Thank you for your post once again.

    Suraj Krishna Mali

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