May 252011

To pressure the Nepal government in writing the constitution within the time frame and for better coordination and cooperation between the top three parties in Nepal for the progress of the country, an event is set to take place on 27th MAY from 12-2PM outside the Embassy of Nepal in London.



In the following video Lex Limbu explains what the event means to Nepal and Nepali:

More information is available in the the event page in Facebook.

The organizers have informed the local police station about the event and the Embassy of Nepal and The Kensington Borough Council have also granted the permission to host the event in the area.

The Nepali community in Sydney, Australia is also planning to do a similar event on the same day, 27 May, 2011 from 12 am to 12 pm. 


nepal-unites-london-Laku-shrepa nepal-unites-london-Leela-Limbu nepal-unites-london-mina-limbu

nepal-unites-london-nita-pun nepal-unites-london-pushpa-koinch-sunuwar nepal-unites-london-wo-chun

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