Nepali Movie – Anmol

anmolTribaba Films Production presents Rajesh Koirala’s movie:
Nepali Movie – Anmol
(Tagline – She is a mother after all)
Starring, Uttam Pradhan, Rejina Upreti, Ruby Rana, Lab Sharma, Rabi Giri etc.
Story – Rajesh Koirala
Script / Producer/ Director – Resh Raj Acharya

This is the placeholder of Nepali movie ‘Anmol’. The movie will be updated when the film makers allow it to be added here. Till then, please enjoy other movies available in our movies section.

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  1. The Anmol Film was so great. it made me full of tears. Im very soft hearted. I love this kind of film. thank you very much

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