Nepali movie – Kanyadan (2011)

kanyadanNepali movie – Kanyadan (कन्यादान)
Starring: Biraj Bhatt, Dhiren Sakhya, Arjun Karki, Ranjana Sharma, Kanchan Regmi, Srijana Basnet, Jaya Kishan Basnet, Shovit Basnet
Director: Shovit Basnet

Nepali movie ‘Kanyadan’ is a presentation of Bijaya Gopal Dali for Salon Films Pvt. Ltd. This movie, a 2011 release, is named same as the hit film of 1991, ‘Kanyadan’, directed by Prakash Thapa. (Watch ‘Kanyadaan’ (1991))

In the movie Biraj Bhatt is featured in a special role. Kusha Thapa is a new face in the movie. Music is compoded by Manohar Sunam / Manoj Raj Bhandari, the singers are Anand Karki / Cine Gurung / Mandavi Tripathi, lyrics by Prakash Sayami / Shiva Sharma / Gajendra Ranjit, background score by Manoj Raj Bhandari, production controller is Salon Basnet, script by Dhruba Lamsal, editing by Tara Thapa, choreography by Shiva BK, cinematography by Sambhu Sapkota, action by Rajendra Khadki, and music Sambhujit Baskota.

Full movie in single part:

credit – Music Nepal.


Star Cast:

Biraj Bhatt – The action star of Nepali film industry is currently busy in Bhojpuri films. He is one of the top actors in Bhojpuri film industry.

biraj bhatt films

Dhiren Shakya – A good looking actor in Nepali film industry also runs a film industry business. Biography and the list of his films in the following link.

dhiren shakya films

Ranjana Sharma – An actress who started as a television actress and became big screen actress had married director Shyam Bhattarai. Ranjana had left Shyam when she went to the USA. These days, Shyam is also in the USA.

Watch ‘Kanyadaan’ 1991
Kanyadaan original nepali movie

kanyadan cover

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