Nepali Movie – Maya Namara

Nepali film – Maya Namara (2002)
Starring: Rajesh Hamal, Sanchita Luitel, Amit Dhungana, Ramit Dhungana (New Face) etc.
Direction – Madan Ghimire

Full movie single part:

Music videos are not available now. of the movie follows:

Tikuli Hai Mero Tala Tala Talkana Lai
Singer:sadhana sargam
Artist :- Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha
Salala Malewako Chhaya khasyo kholima…

Ke Soche thye Jindagi Ma – Udit Narayan Jha
Muglin Pari Tarera Gandhar Ke
Singers:Udit and Deepa Narayan Jha

10 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Maya Namara

  1. movie is fine but the common hangs still there in all the nepali movies that it seems more like artificial and non-spontaneous. If you find a spontaneous story and make it with real acting that would sound better in my opinion. A thorough research and more work-out deem necessary in preparing a movie.

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