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7 Responses to Nisha Adhikari did a short film making course in the US

  1. MtEverestproduction says:

    This is Ridiculous, What the hell is this new about ? one month training makes her director hahahhaha funny news, you can’t learn anything one month guys don’t have any news to write man. Just write nisha training making movie one month hahahha very funny ,what the hell is that doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. k_sav says:

    we really didn’t know that you did this kind of brave thing….i mean a very creative thing, short film making course…and it sounds really good that we can watch your movie actually short movie very soon in your direction….best of luk and give some more historical act and you can definitely do this..!!!

  3. saurabh says:

    a very good step , great….

  4. dilip rai says:

    it depan upon person thought,, in my view it challange 2 every nepali lady, that 1 nepali do it proud of us,,,, go a head n achive ur goal,s nisha g have very2 wonderful time, god bless u n ur career

  5. mohan lamshaal says:

    sir ji namaskar
    please sent

  6. con says:


  7. prawin says:

    VERY FUNNY ! you guys are not making the news about our NRN actor Resh Maratha, who has been living all his good job in america and doing /making a movie like challenge ..yea CHALLENGE… no news about that? but one sexy lady comes to US and did one month training…that is a news??

    .SAME thing another guy name Sudhamsu Joshi wnet to nepal and did movie like NEPAL. where is the news? now another guy name PITAMBAR PANDEY , BATCH 16, GOOD MOVIE , WHERE IS THE NEWS FOR THESE YOUNG AND TALENTED X-NEPALI KO??? GET THE FACT ABOUT X NEPALI.

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