Jun 032012

After ex-king Gyanendra was forced to leave the palace and live like a general citizen, Paras had reportedly blamed his father for the trouble and is not in good terms with his family since. The father of three children lives alone in Thailand for almost two years while his wife Himani lives in Nepal. He had also taken his children Purnika, Kritika and Hirdayandra with him for their study. It is told that he hasn’t returned back to Nepal for the last ten months.



According to a report in a daily, Saurya Daily, Paras is living with a Thai mistress in Thailand. At the time when his wife Himani w
as in Thailand, Paras didn’t want to meet her during her week-long stay there. He has reportedly changed his mobile number and hasn’t contacted his family in Nepal for the last three months.

  2 Responses to “Paras having an affair with a Thai woman ?”

  1. there is no need of high light such news of mr .paras///he is no more than us.. nad it is true that he will never do good thing his his life

  2. What a non sense gossip? You people have nothing good to do in life?

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