Saroj Khanal, Nepali actor

Actor Saroj Khanal was considered one of the actors with a lot of potential before he moved to the USA. After going to the USA to participate in a cultural program in 1997, Saroj didn’t return back and was virtually absent from the film industry for over one and a half decade. His comeback in a 2014 movie ‘Manav’ wasn’t that effective as the movie flopped. After that, he decided to return back to Nepal to start a business and continue acting in Nepali movies.

Here is the list of full movies featuring Saroj Khanal in xnepali:

Nepali Movie – Atit (Saroj Khanal, Bina Budhathoki)
Nepali Movie – Chunauti (Shree Krishna Shrestha, Bipana Thapa, Saroj Khanal)
Nepali Movie – Subba Sab (Jiwan Luetil, Barsha Siwakoti) UPDATE
Nepali Movie – Chokho Maya
Nepali Movie – Jaya Baba Pashupatinath
Nepali Movie – Prem Geet
Nepali Movie – Kasam
MaHa comedy – Kantipur
Nepali Movie – Janma Janma
Nepali Movie – Bijaya Parajaya
Nepali Movie – Sarangi
Nepali Movie – Dharma
Nepali Movie – Paribhasha
Nepali Movie – Sangini
Nepali Movie – Pukar
Nepali Movie – Janmabhumi
Nepali Movie – Nai Nabhannu La 2
Nepali Movie – Manav
Nepali Movie – Nirmohi
Nepali Movie – Ragat
Nepali Movie – Sannani
Nepali movie – Prem Pinda
Nepali Movie – Mukti Shangarsha
Nepali Movie – Aama

Even after 17 years of leaving the country, Saroj has fans who want him to continue acting in movies. He still has the charm and skills of acting and doesn’t seem that old. Saroj arrived in Nepal on June 11, 2015 with his wife Suryamala Sharma and his younger son. Will her be able to regain the previous charm? Time will surely tell.

UPDATE – October 1025 – Saroj performed in a couple of plays with actress Sarita Giri and actress Karishma Manandhar in a stage show held in Hong Kong. For photos and the details click on the link.

saroj khanal back to nepal

saroj Khanal with actress gauri malla

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  1. Actor Saroj Khanal was considered one of the actors with a lot of potential before she moved to the USA.
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