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8 Responses to Singer Yogita Mokthan committed sucide

  1. Som bahadur tamang says:

    Really surprising singer yogita got socide.
    i pray to god give peace of her soul.

  2. sailesh lama says:

    i pray to got to give peace for her soul..may her soul be on heaven forever…loving u sis….

  3. sailesh lama says:

    i never forget that yogita sis took my photo at pizza hot dubai,i think she was happy with everything again why… suicide…we really lost one of the rising singing star of tamang society and whole nepali too may her soul get peace in heaven

  4. nabin thapa says:

    why she iz doing sucide………..any reason ? i pray for the god 2 give peace 4 her soul peace in heaven……….

  5. Lekh Nath Khatri, Kalanki [ktm] says:

    One decision can make finished of life in a few minute. Singer Yogita, one of the signing star of the nepali music, choose a way of suicide, but why? However i am very grief for her death and pray to god to give peace for her soul.

    • Subhas Rumbha says:

      Hello Guys ! Nobody can investigated that about why Moktan got suicide ?

      its very Dangerous….i am so sad ..really sad!!!!!!!!!!oh mydod..

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