Jun 152012


Street children passed SLC exam that also with distinction mark. Hard work of 17 years old Gopal Lama has rewarded him.

Both mother and father have left Lama in the childhood. Father married another girl when his mother was pregnant and his mother also married another person after few years of his birth turning him to street children and his home became street.

According to nagarik news, he has struggled as street children in Kathmandu and Chitwan. During this struggle, he has realized the value of study, but, got chance to study when he started to stay in “Hamro Ghar”, NGO in Narayangadh, involved in caring street children.

Street boy, Lama has got 83.12% and shows street children are also not less than those who study spending huge amount of money in tuition and expensive schools.

(Photo credit: Nagarik)

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  1. dis is da spirit ..

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