Jul 102012

WWF Nepal welcomed Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha as its seventh Young Conservation Ambassador on Monday.


Before Shristi, Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi was appointed Young Conservation Ambassador. The Miss Nepal pageant winners were being appointed as the Young Conservation Ambassador by WWF Nepal from 2004 and since then Payal Shakya, Sugarika KC, Sitashma Chand, Zenisha Moktan and Sadichha Shrestha have got such appointment.

Anil Manandhar, Country Representative of WWF Nepal acknowledged Malina for her active contribution to help raise awareness on WWF’s conservation endeavors and welcomed Shristi.

According to WWF Nepal, Shristi will be actively involved in helping promote conservation, in WWF’s Snow Leopard Conservation Campaign, The Green Lumbini Initiative and The Generation Green campaign. She will work with students and Eco Clubs of various schools to raise awareness about conservation and develop youth projects focusing on environment and species conservation. (Photo Credit: WWF Nepal)

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