Yeti : Mystery and New "Yeti Foot"

Yeti Foot printYeti is a mysterious creature which is supposed to be living in high Himalaya in Nepal Tibet border. But due to lack of evidence, it has remained sort of a mythical creature.

But in a recent report, some explorers and TV crew have claimed to find an evidence of its existence.

In the photo below, explorer Josh Gates shows the ‘Yeti foot’ in Kathmandu on Friday. A team of American explorers and TV crew found this ‘mysterious Yeti-footprint’ at Manjushree near Mt. Everest earlier this month. The abominable snowman, Yeti, is believed to live in the higher Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. However, no scientific evidence of its existence has been found so far.


(Photo: Gopal Chitrakar, Kantipur)
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