ID requirement in Cyber Cafe – will it work?

cyber-cafe Nepal government has instructed Cyber Cafes in Nepal to check personal identification of every customer before they are allowed to surf the internet. This new requirement is the latest in a series of ‘desperate’ steps taken by the government to control ‘cyber crime’.

It is not a bad idea to keep a log of everybody who uses internet in a public place. That would certainly help investigators to track criminals. A law-abiding citizen wouldn’t mind a little hassle of showing his IDs in Cyber Cafe.

But, the big questions are – will it be implemented properly ? Is there a proper monitoring body, effective enough to monitor the requirement ?

And, past experience shows immatureness in decision taking. They have taken decision in hurry and later realize the decision can’t be implemented at all.

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Shobraj's wife and mother-in-law found guilty

The Supreme Court of Nepal has found the Bikini Killer, Charles Shobraj’s wife, Nihita Biswas, and mother-in-law, Sakuntala Thapa, guilty on the charges laid by two lawyers Shanta Sedhain and Rajan Adhikari back in August 1, 2010.

Sakuntala Thapa, a lawyer and mother of Nihita Biswas, and Nihita in their after-verdict reaction had accused the lawyers to be corrupt and they were arrested in response to the charges. They were however released after 24 hours.

Sobhraj's wife and mother-in-law

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