Technology in Movies – Is that the reason Nepali movies are bad?

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It was an incident when I went to watch a movie in Kumari Cinema. During the interval, when I was having coffee with one of my friends we saw a group of guys aged 18-22. They were were there to watch a Hindi movie.

One of the guys showed the poster of a recently released Nepali movie ‘Mann Manai Man Paraye’ and said, “Why all Nepali movies have got same type of posters and story? Always action and same actors?” Another replied, "Our country is poor, so Nepali film industry lacks the technology Hollywood and Bollywood is blessed with. Nepali film makers have to work with limited technology. Or else our movies will also be better like Hindi and English ones." I felt good to hear the positive views of the youngsters about Nepali films.

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In the name of BBC – confused on KPB and GPK

BBC used to be considered one of the most reliable news media in the world. But, the image of BBC in my inner self was shattered when I saw today’s news in it’s Hindi version of the website. The reporter had mistaken Girija Prasad Koirala for Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. The news was supposed to publish the photo of Krishna Prasad but, it the news media has shown it’s incompetency by publishing the photo of Girija Prasad Koirala instead.


The news in details – it mentions "Nepali Congress" the "Nepali parliament". Krishna Prasad didn’t start Nepali Parliament!


I hope the journalists at BBC practice common sense while writing and publishing articles in its site. I would be better if they ignore the news they are not familiar with.