Binita Baral starts organic farming (Photos)

Actress Binita Baral doesn’t want people to believe that she has started an alternative business because of lack of jobs in film sector. But, no one can stop people from ‘believing’ or assuming! Farming has nothing to do with acting or modeling and the photos of this actress plowing fields to grow organic fruits and vegetables is not staged but real.

binita baral supervising land preparation

Binita has started an organic farming business.

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Kiss Competition in Kina Kina

The movie ‘Kina Kina’ started with an advertisement – an advertisement for an actress who is willing to shed her clothes in a scene. It was more about the promotion of the movie rather than an advertisement in itself. Then, the director Ukesh Dahal announced the ‘hat trick in adult movies’ in Nepali movie industry. And now, kiss is being used as the tool of promotion.

Following poster, one of the posters of the upcoming movie, features four kisses.

kisses in kina kina poster

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