Holiday announced, musician Tanka Budhathoki starts Studio Nine

The music recording of the upcoming movie ‘Holiday’ started at the inauguration ceremony a music studio. The music studio named Studio Nine is owned by the popular musician Tanka Budhathoki.

Before finalization of the artists, the songs recording of the movie has started. The movie to be made under BN Films is to be directed by Basanta Niraula. A full action movie, ‘Holiday’ will be shot in Nepal and out of country. The song recording has started on the birthday of the director Niraula. The movie contains three songs.

studio nine inaguaration tanka

Although not announced there is a high chance that Aryan Sigdel, Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Budhathoki, Pabitra Acharya and Sohit Manandhar be featured in the movie. These artists were present in the announcement ceremony.

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Anmol’s Dreams starts, Bhuwan KC calls Jiya KC a vulgar actress

The shooting of Bhuwan KC‘s debut movie as a director has started in Mustang. Bhuwan is featuring his son Anmol KC in leading role and two other new actresses, Sandhya KC and Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah. Director of Anmol’s hit movie ‘Jerryy’ (watch ‘Jerryy’ here) had reportedly assisted Bhuwan in the preparation of his directorial venture.

A while ago, Bhuwan answered the question why he hasn’t allowed his girlfriend Jiya KC in the movie. He told, the movie he is making is of higher standard than the movies Jiya plays. He told, ‘Dreams’ is a teenager love story movie. He told that it is not the vulgar movie Jiya likes to be featured in.

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