Paras and Himani son – so called Baby King public appearance after bratabandha

The bratabandha ceremony of the grandson of ex-king Gyanendra Shah, Hridayendra Shah was held at Nirmal Niwas on March 30, 2017. Media were not invited in the private ceremony. But, the son of Paras and Himani went to Hanuman Dhoka after the ceremony where the media had photo opportunity.

video report:

14 years old Hridayendra is the only son of ex prince Paras Shah and ex princess Himani Shah. If monarchy weren’t abolished, he would be in line to the throne of Nepal.

Baby King Concept

Hridayendra was dubbed ‘baby king’ by some political leaders in Nepal – arguing that he would be a better choice to be the king compared to former Crown Prince Paras Shah as Paras is not popular with the people. Paras was involved in a lot of misconducts and wasn’t thought to be capable of ruling the country.
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Top 5 Priyanka Karki Scandals – wardrobe malfunction to affairs

Scandals and actresses go hand in hand. Nobody can top the actress Rekha Thapa in terms of scandals. The actress with the potential to be the top actress, Priyanka Karki, is no less popular in terms of scandals. I have collected five top scandals Priyanka Karki has gone through in the past:

1. Priyanka Karki car purchase scandal

I wrote the full details about the rumour in Priyanka Karki car purchase scandal.

What had happened?

  • Actress Priyanka Karki had purchased and proudly showed-off, a vehicle.
  • Priyanka told that she was proud that she had paid the vehicle by her own income.
  • But, the news didn’t turn as Priyanka had expected. The online media accused Priyanka of using earthquake victim funds to purchase the vehicle. Priyanka had to write a long message to explain why she was hurt by the news.

The Verdict 

The news were fake. Nobody could prove the accusation.

2. Wardrobe Malfunction

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