Anmol KC; New Movie, New Actress, Upasana Singh Thakuri

‘Kri’ actor Anmol KC hasn’t repeated an actress since he started acting in lead role. In a latest news, the upcoming movie of the actor will also introduce a new actress in the film industry. Anmol KC’s history of actresses:

  1. Hostel – Prakriti Shrestha (Watch ‘Hostel’ here)
  2. Jerryy – Anna Sharma (Watch ‘Jerryy’ here)
  3. Dreams – Samragyee RL Shah (Watch ‘Dreams’ here)
  4. Gajalu – Shristi Shrestha (Watch ‘Gajalu’ here)
  5. Kri – Aditi Budhathoki
  6. Captain – Upasana Singh Thakuri

Video report update:

Although Anmol or Bhuwan KC have yet to confirm the actress’s role in the movie, Upasana has shared a photo of herself with Anmol KC in her Instagram profile.

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