Nepali Movie – Parinaam (Mukesh Dhakal, Sarika Ghimire)

Nepali Film – Parinaam
Starring – Mukesh Dhakal, Jharana Risal, Sarika Ghimire etc.
Director – Hari Parajuli

The movie produced by the director Hari Parajuli was released in 2017 with two other movies. (Read release news) It is sad none of these movies were successful in box office. The movie features Mukesh Dhakal, an actor well known in the past. Mukesh however was living in the USA at the time of the release of the movie. The actresses Jharana Risal and Sarika Ghimire are new entries in the Nepali film industry. In the mean time, none of the artists have made an impression in the film industry.

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