Nepali Songs by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, well known Indian singer

Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye …
Ghan dham dham kare, darr jaaye
Ek boond kabhi paani ki mori ankhiyon se barsaaye …

I had listened this song and loved the music even before I knew it was sung by a well known Indian singer Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Lata Magneskar. I didn’t know it was originally sung in Assamese language.

And there was an Indian version of ‘Ol’ Man River’

Oh Ganga Tum
Oh Ganga Tum Bahatiho kyu?

The people of Nepali origin in Darjeeling, India used the song and translated into a Nepali and Bengali version as a part of a protest against government suppression during Gorkhaland movement.

Oh Tista timi
Oh Tista timi bagachhau kina …

Then I heard a couple of songs in Nepali language by Bhupen Hazarika himself. I didn’t know he was no long alive until I decided to make the following video report of the singer:

On Saturday, September 8, 2018 it was 92th birth anniversary of the singer. I tried finishing the video by the end of the day. But, by the time I finished, it was already 9th (at 1AM). Anyway, it is good to know the talented singer has given voice to some beautiful Nepali songs.
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