Paramita RL Rana admitted her mistake in Budhanilakantha car crash case

On Mangsir 28, 2076, there was a car crash near the Budhanilakantha Municipality-5, Buspark. The driver and the passengers of the car were drunk. A pedestrian of Gorkha, Leela Devkota, was the victim of the accident.

The driver, Prithivi Malla and the passengers were Karish Maskey and Alina Thapa. The name of the fourth passenger was not revealed. Now, actress Paramita RL Rana has admitted that she was the fourth passenger in the car. People in social media had told that she was the fourth passenger but she kept her silence till now.

Now, she has admitted that she was also in the car with the license plate BA 14 Cha 6123. Writing a long statement in Facebook, Paramita has told that she is sorry for the incident. Here is the full statement:
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