Anand Nepal Books

In the course of building this website and making videos in YouTube, I have written somme books for your pleasure. Some of the books are related to the entertainment industry other are about the society and religion. I have taken an enormous amount of effort in preparing the books. For example, to prepare the Hanuman Chalisa book, I had drawn all the pictures of Hanuman (by using some of the computer tools I created myself).

I used the same technology to prepare the sketch of all the Miss Nepal in Nepal. I have recorded all the participants, winners and details of all the Miss Nepal contests in the book titled “History of Miss Nepal”. In addition to the historical significance, I have been updating this book regularly, every year.

Please feel free to comment with your concerns and comments.

Hanuman Chalisa
The 40 hymns of Hanuman. Hanuman was a monkey, the friend and sub-ordinate of Rama in Ramayan. He could change his appearance as required. He could transform himself to a tiny creature or a giant of extraordinary proportions. He could fly through oceans to reach island kingdom of Sri Lanka. He was so strong that he could carry the whole hill when he couldn’t determine what particular herb to choose form the vast majority of available options. It is fun to know the facts about such an extraordinary mythical monkey.

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