English Translation of Nepali Story Bhinajuko Sweater by Poshan Pandey

A poet and story writer Poshan Pandey (1933-1991) was born in Kathmandu. His literary works deal with psychological-sexual complexities of people. They are written to reveal the subtle aspects of people’s personalities. This story is taken from his fiction story collection Aankhi Jhyal. Other collections are Maanas and Hiunma Pareka Dobharoo.

Nepali story in Audio (video) – Bhinaju Ko Sweater starts at 12:26 of the video.

Other stories in the collection are:
00:00 – Lahureki Swasni (unknown writer)
08:04 – Ma Jujuman (Govinda B. Malla Gothale)
12:26 – Bhinajuko Sweater (Poshan Pandey)
34:50 – Manis Lai Kati Jamin Chaahinchha (Leo Tolstoy)
43:50 – Mero Saanu Sathi (Bhawani Bhikchhu)
1:00:42 – Parkhal Bhitra (Bijaya Malla)
1:22:50 – Antim Bhoj (Bijaya Malla)

Story title: A Sweater for Brother-in-Law (Bhinajuko Sweater)
Writer : Poshan Pandey
English Translation: Mahesh Paudyal

A Sweater for Bhinaju

Sabita came down hopping and said to Shanti, “Sister! Oh sister! Bhinaju is asking if you would join us to the cinema.”

“Go, tell him I am not coming,” said Shanti in a low tone with a tinge of harshness.

Sabita kept standing there for a while with a guiltless face. She felt, her sister was quite listless. She paid no interest in the world of glamour. After all, she was not elder to her by many years. Maybe, the gap between their ages was just five years. She silently mocked sister Shanti’s foolhardy, and left.
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