25 New Actresses of 2075 BS – Suhana to Upasana & Shilpa Maskey

Mor than 25 new actresses had debuted in the Nepali film industry this year. This is a huge number of new actresses trying to establish themselves as actors. But, to their disappointment, only a couple of actresses were successful in impressing the viewers. Rest of them don’t have any future in the film industry.

Video report:

The list of new actresses is:

28 new actresses who had debuted in the Nepali film industry in 2075 are

  • Bhawana Gurung in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Sakshi Lamsal in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Sujata Thapa in Sworga Mero Gaun
  • Arohi Sharma in Hairan
  • Shristi Karki in American Boys
  • Pooja Tiwari in Baby I Love You
  • Ganga Rana Magar in A Soltini
  • Kabita Gurung in Bobby
  • Alisha Sharma in Chi Musi Chi
  • Shiwani Giri in Kahi Kati
  • Anjila Khadki in Teenage
  • Sanam malla in Reni
  • Eliza Gautam in Anurag
  • Kamana Bhujel in Tshiring
  • Kamala Oli in Maleeka
  • Ashma Giri in Dream Girl
  • Karuna Shrestha in Sayakada Dash
  • Supuspa Bhatta in Ranveer
  • Suveksha Khadka in Ranveer
  • Rewati Chhetri in Summer Love
  • Priyanka Singh Thakuri in Garud Puran
  • Priyanka MV in Captain
  • Upasana Singh Thakuri in Captain
  • Shilpa Maskey in The Breakup
  • Nirisha Basnet in Jani Najani
  • Kritan Poudel in Subha Love
  • Suhana Thapa in A Mero Hajur 3
  • Malika Mahat in Yatra

In this long list of films, two films are yet to release. Both ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ and ‘Yatra’ have potential to be successful. Among the previously released films none of the movies were successful. Anmol KC’s Captain can be termed as moderately successful movie. Others were total disaster.

Despite of the fact that most of them failed, some of the actresses outshined in the crowd.

Suhana Thapa – The fact that she is the daughter of Jharana Thapa had helped the actress in gaining popularity. In addition to that, teaming up with Anmol KC in her debut film is another plus. In the songs and the trailer released so far, she has shown her potential in becoming a next sensation of the Nepali film industry.

Shilpa Maskey – Shilpa did a good job in her first film ‘The Breakup’ and the second film ‘Kagajpatra’. But, both films failed miserably in box office. She is working in more films and film makers are also optimistic towards Shilpa’s potential.

Upasana Singh Thakuri – Anmol KC’s actress in ‘Captain’ has shown a potential because of her beauty and acting skills. She will probably be featured in the third sequel of ‘Kabaddi’ by Ram Babu Gurung.

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